Friday, 1 April 2016

WWE Wrestlemania 2016 Results

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It's Wrestlemania, Of Course, there will be surprises. While I think the stipulation was added because of the intensity of the rivalry and how much they have just wanted to tear each other apart yes it does also mean some Authority lackeys can interfere.

Does Roman Reigns deserve to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

What has he done to deserve it?!?! Pretty sure he's never held another title, so why is he so special to go right at the world title?? He sucks both as a wrestler and with a mic!! I'd rather see Bo Dallas with the belt!! I can't wait for Orton to return!!

 Wrestlemania 2016 Results

He has improved and nobody can say he didn't. BUT he is to overrate really I mean why is he such a big deal nothing is so special or so wonderful about him. Kay better than Triple H as Champ could be almost everyone but who I think deserves it is DEAN "The Lunatic Fringe" AMBROSE

What if Seth Rollins makes a return at WWE WrestleMania?

My prediction: Rollins and Ambrose rush to the ring... HHH thinks rollins is going to help him, theres a standoff with all 4 men... rollins turns on HHH and helps Reigns win the title giving the inclination that the shield has reformed... Reigns turns on Ambrose and Rollins and turns heel... Monday night Reigns cuts a heel promo explaining that he didnt need anyones help defeating HHH and that is why he attacked Rollins and Ambrose....

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

WrestleZaynia with Sami Zayn's first ever Elite figure from Mattel featuring the NXT title

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If you're getting rid of the WWE Divas' Championship after Wrestlemania 32 and bringing back the WWE World Women's Championship, then that's great. I hope you call it just that, the WWE World Women's Championship and continue the lineage from 1956, but include the lineage of the WWE Divas' Championship, too. They did unify, after all.

But, I'm not sure I like the sound of a smaller version of a similar looking WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt is too dull and boring. The words "World Heavyweight Champion" need to be bigger on them. It needs a globe on it. It needs that beautiful traditional classic look of a World Heavyweight Championship belt. I hate the tacky Pimp My Ride custom side plates, too. Just a small nameplate is all that's needed. You do need to make better belts. The WWE Intercontinental Championship belt is the only belt that looks like a Championship belt should look.

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The detail and quality of these Mattel WWE figures surpass any of the Jakks figures that Jakks ever made. Plus, Mattel's plastic doesn't feel cheap like the plastic Jakks used. There was that risk of losing joints or possibly breaking a joint on a Jakks figure.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Live Streaming

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So, friends, It is Wrestlemania season we all know.  If you want to watch Wrestlemania live here, then keep this link as a bookmark in your browser. People are eagerly waiting for this current PPV (pay per view). I am sure that this WrestleMania would be awesome.

Let's talk about few hardcore matches in WrestleMania. The first one is for wee world heavyweight championship which is going to takes places between triple h and roman reigns.

The audience wants to see roman reigns as a champion, but the wwe universe wants Triple H remanis champion. But the fact is nobody knows who would be WrestleMania 32 winner. 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Live Event - Brock Lesnar vs Luke Harper

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We Don't Want To See Brock Vs Bray Wyatt!!it Doesn't Look Good For The Big Event Like Wrestlemania, I Mean We Have Seen In Fastlane How He Smashed Him. Better To Thnk Once More!!p S- No Offence To Dean Ambrose, he Is Good But We Need Madone To Wrestle With The Beast!!

The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar Is Going To Face Bray Wyatt At WWE Roadblock. Before That, He Faced Two In One Handicap Match At WWE Montreal Tonight. It Was An Awesome Match. The Face Of Fear Left The Ring When Match Started. The Remaining Guy Luke Harper Have To Go Through Suplex City.

He Goes Through The Suplex City Five Times. After Then He Came Back To Match And Gain Some Momentum. The Brock Lesnar Who Known From His Quickness, Again Hit Suplex To Luke Harper And The He Used To F5 To Won The Match.

We Have Seen When Brock Lesnar Ends The Match At Live Event. People Want More Suplex From Him to Luke Harper. The Same Thing Happens Again At Montreal. 

Live Pictures from Match

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

These two matches Can be Added to Wrestlemania 32

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It is wrestlemania season. The whole world is waiting for Wrestlemania 32. The show is going to take place on 3rd April 2016. Stay with us for Wrestlemania 32 Results & Wrestlemania 32 Live Stream.

Now almost all match have been added to the WrestleMania 32. But still some matches may be added. One reason that so many people prefer to watch the best match in wrestlemania.

We have seen today's Monday night raw. Sami Zayn took his entry in Raw. Actually Kevin Owens was beating Neville after the match, then his music rings, people went crazy. He enters to the ring and starts exchanging blows with Kevin Owens.

From this fight, we have seen some signals of anthoer championship match. Yes, you are thinking absolutely right. A match between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for the WWE intercontinatal championship. 

Moreover if he doesn't enters to the ring there must be chamipionship match bewteen Kevin Owens and Neville. There are so many reason of that. firstly Neville has a good fan following. Second he has not good relation with Owens from past. Third he deservs chamionship match.

On another side, Ryback is turned heel. He wanted his match against Kalisto. From few days, he is chnaging his image in WWE. 

Monday, 7 March 2016

Brock Lesnar Opponent in SummerSlam

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WWE Wrestlemania 32 is coming close. The most popular and strong wrestler brock Lesnar going to fight bray Wyatt after the WrestleMania 32.

Well, a lot of people look forward to fighting in WrestleMania. Brock rarely fight but now it is coming to hear brock's opponent at SummerSlam has been fixed.Brown strawman is the new member of the wyatt family and nowadays people call him black sheep.

From past several days,  The Wyatt family has created trouble for brock Lesnar.  That is the main reason of brock Lesnar have lost in the main event in Royal rumble.

So, now WWE is thinking very deeply for brock Lesnar's upcoming opponent. Another thing is that WWE fan's want to see one more beast in the ring, who can fight like brock Lesnar. Actually brown strawman has guts. His fight with brock Lesnar could be his career changing fight for him.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

WWE Wrestlemania 32 Results 2016

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WWE Fans Are Eagerly Waiting For Wrestlemania 32. Everyone Knows Wrestlemania Is The Biggest Event Of WWE Which Comes Every Year In The Month Of April. The Preparation Of The Event Has Started From Few Days Before The Event. Now WWE Is Fully Concentrator Aye Of Tickets Booking. 

But This Time, There Is No Storyline Which Is Running From Weeks. That May Be One The Reason Of Wrestlemania Will Get Fail. People Are Just Waiting For Roman Reigns Vs Triple H And Dean Ambrose Vs Brock Lesnar Match. 

People Are Not Getting Those Interest Which They Found In Their Previous Year Event. Fan's Want The Feud Between John Cena And The Undertaker. But WWE Is Not Planning Any Feud Which Can Restrict People To Watch Wrestlemania 32.

Roman As A Terrible Story Line!one Of The Worst In Wwe History After Rey Misterio.put The Roman Empir To The Dark Side And Him Gonna Become The Top Heel Wwe Need.

On The Other Hands Fan's Want, Kevin Owens Would Fight With A Stylish Wrestler. A Wrestler Who Could Beat Him. A Wrestler Who Has The Good Fan Following.

Yeah, I Am Damn Sure WWE Must Have Some Surprises For Their Fan's. WWE Knows Very Well These Feuds Can't Make Unforgettable Wrestlemania. 

 Wrestlemania 32 Results 2016

Roman Reigns Vs Triple H - 
Brock Lesnar Vs Dean Ambrose
Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks
The Undertaker Vs Shane MacMahon
The New Day Vs Aj Styles And Chris Jerico